Thursday, April 20, 2006

My very first thrilling. Just an FYI, Josh wrote the last one for me. Although the facts were true, please notice that he finds great joy in making me sound high maintenance and self involved. Which I can't say that I'm not, but at least hear it from my mouth instead of his...
Yes I did get my hair cut. Which is a big deal for me - because the last time I cut my hair short I was a freshman in college. And that year I thought "why stop at the traditional 15 pounds of weight gain", and went for 18 instead. Not my favorite pictures to reflect back on.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No one even noticed that I got my haircut the other day. Did you know I work with all guys in The Loft at Simply Youth Ministry? If I worked with girls then THEY would have noticed. Sigh ... I think I'm going to steal trail mix from my favorite co-worker just to get him back for being insensitive to my new do.

Next thing you know, my husband will start calling me "cute." Ugh.